The “Super Bowl Shuffle’s” Charity Case (Article)

2m51jxi - The "Super Bowl Shuffle's" Charity Case (Article)

“We didn’t come here to look for trouble…we just want to make sure our song’s helping out people in Chicago.”

If you’re reading this today, you’re most likely gearing up for the Super Bowl (or gearing up to avoid it like the black plague). Me? I’m taking my pre-game efforts out of the bar and into the booth to talk about one of the most (in)famous football raps of all-time. Yes, I’m talking about the Walter Payton saying,”runnin’-the-ball-is-like makin’-romance”-containing “Super Bowl Shuffle” by the 1985 Chicago Bears. I’ll spare you the video. Now, as corny as some of the lyrics were, you can’t deny that the song’s goal–to donate money to less-fortunate families in Chicago–isn’t altruistic and amazing. Per a recent report by ESPN, the song raised some $300,000 for charity efforts in Chicago.

14j17xc - The "Super Bowl Shuffle's" Charity Case (Article)

Walter Payton: GOAT Running Back, Subpar Rapper, Great Humanitarian

Which brings me to the point of this post, the lawsuit brewing because of the song. Per that same ESPN report, six surviving members of the team that appeared on the track are bringing about a lawsuit to prevent unauthorized uses of the song (and to make sure that all uses of the “SBS” allot for a charity donation). Normally, when celebrities bring about lawsuits, some of us in the so-called peanut gallery-raised TMZ Generation may shake our heads in disbelief, mostly because of jaded preconceived notions on celebrity. So, when something like this pops up, I, for one, want to jump from my seat with joy. It shows celebrities are people that actually give a you-know-what about their fellow man, and charity efforts with the “impoverished” hit close to home, because it’s something I work closely with myself.

So, to DA BEARS! that are in on this lawsuit, I hope for the sake of those families in Chicago, everything goes in your favor.


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