Lil’ Wayne Doesn’t Think Richard Sherman is Elite (Article)

2rmwqz9 - Lil' Wayne Doesn't Think Richard Sherman is Elite (Article)
Ok, now that I have your attention (look, everyone! I’m learning from the greats regarding headlines), Complex featured a piece on Weezy F’s opinions on The Cornerbacking CM Punk. Simply put, they weren’t exactly a bed of roses–or even Rosé for that matter. While this isn’t the first time that Wayne’s voiced his opinions about sporty matters (he, at one point, was something of a featured columnist with ESPN), it is one that, to me, sticks out as unique. This is mainly for its potential purpose. Now, I’m not in the head of Dwayne Michael Carter, Junior. If I were, there are a lot of things I’d have to ask myself. But, I feel that these comments are meant to do two things, both of which are contradictory to the other, but still (somehow) complementary.

5f4qza - Lil' Wayne Doesn't Think Richard Sherman is Elite (Article)
First, as a Packers fan, Wayne could feel some type of way about the ‘Hawks knocking off the Pack so early on. I know I felt a way about the Ravens losing to the Colts back in 2010, even though they got outclassed. Essentially, Wayne, in this instance, is playing mind games with Sherman, a la Michael Crabtree, to try to throw him off of his game. Wayne’s a pretty big name, and if you’ve got a big name saying you’re not “great,” it could have an effect on your game. It’s different for Wayne to suggest you’re not really “’bout that [smashmouth football] life” versus, say, a random Twitter follower that hasn’t seen a gym since Pre-K, or a guy who hasn’t played sports seriously since high school.

Inversely, Wayne downplaying Sherman’s game/play/trash talking abilities, it may just be a simple “show and prove” maneuver. Wayne could identify with his fellow dreaded brethren and want to motivate him. Based off my knowledge of sports psychology, stranger motivation speeches have occurred. You’re going to have to trust me on that one. But, since this is the Super Bowl, we know that anything can happen.

Even Lil’ Terio appearing at Media Day.


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