Athletic Princes of Hip-Hop Royalty (Article)

v3zimd - Athletic Princes of Hip-Hop Royalty (Article)
When the son of De La Soul frontman Maseo (Vincent Mason), Tre, was born, I doubt Maseo said “well, I know that you’re going to make a fool out of defenders on the field on Saturdays and (potentially) Sundays.” But, that’s what’s precisely about to happen as the Auburn running back recently declared for the 2014 NFL Draft. Mason, a 5’10 junior, amassed over 1800 yards and 23 touchdowns last season. This news got me thinking: what other members of hip-hop royalty have children that possess athletic skills? Below are a couple athletes who come from hip-hop roots. It would’ve been easier to find athletes who’ve rapped, but…if it’s easy, it ain’t worth it (shoutout to AI and the Jewelz/Misunderstood album).

If you find more (male or female), hit me on my Twitter so I can do a part two.

First up is Naijiel Hale, a cornerback that’s committed to the University of Arizona. If you’re unsure who’s his daddy, get ready for “The Next Episode.” Hale’s father is none other than the late, great Nate Dogg. I don’t know if Naijiel can hit those melodic G-Funk notes, but he’ll probably be hitting receivers in no time, especially considering Arizona’s secondary.

One of those receivers very well could be someone who he’s probably seen a lot of over the years. That someone is Cordell Broadus, son of Calvin. Broadus, ranked 52 in ESPN’s 2015 Junior 300, has offers pending from USC, Arizona State, and UCLA among others. He’s made the news for some less-than-savory things over the past couple months, but his athletic prowess is amazing.

Now, our next spotlight, you’re probably well aware of him. Justin Combs, a cornerback at UCLA, has Diddy to call daddy (try saying that three times fast). Combs, a redshirt freshman this past season, saw limited playing time. But, his potential remains relatively high.

Finally, while not as athletically successful as some of the others on this list, Percy Romeo Miller still deserves a spot for discussion’s sake. The 5’11 former USC point guard played about 20 minutes with USC, but made most of his name during his high school years. Plus, as far as I know, he’s the only person to win a Billboard Award and play on a D-1 team (his father received a scholarship to the University of Houston, but never actually played for the team).

Again, if you have other children of singers/rappers that ball so hard, just hit me up and I will add them in the next edition. Until next time, guys.



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