Backtracks – Jay-Z’s ‘Who You Wit’ vs. ‘Tom Ford’

ny9ydi - Backtracks - Jay-Z's 'Who You Wit' vs. 'Tom Ford'

To launch the first installment of Backtracks — where we take a vintage song from an artist and see how it compares with some of their contemporary work — we’ll kick things off with someone who has been on top of the industry for pretty much his whole career.

Jay-Z has managed to remain relevant and ridiculously successful since the debut of his freshman album in 1996. Let’s take a look at how the jigga man has evolved, and, how some things just never change.

Who You Wit” (1997) – from the sound track for the film Sprung

Tom Ford” (2013) – from Magna Carta Holy Grail

Jay-Z has ditched the American mobster look for all black everything these days, plus a pair of designer shades. He still indulges in the finer things in life, which we assume will remain constant.

The soundscape for hip-hop has changed dramatically since the 90’s, with a bigger emphasis now on mashing sounds and crossing genres. Hov recruits Timbaland to produce another hit for his latest album.

Take the poll and let us know which track you’re feeling most. Classic Jay-Z? or 2013 Hov?

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Jay-Z – “Who You Wit” (1997)
2vjyjc5 - Backtracks - Jay-Z's 'Who You Wit' vs. 'Tom Ford'


Jay-Z – “Tom Ford” (2013)
nqtqwi - Backtracks - Jay-Z's 'Who You Wit' vs. 'Tom Ford'


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