Freddie Gibbs Gives Insight As To Why He Left Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment

2il107c - Freddie Gibbs Gives Insight As To Why He Left Jeezy's Corporate Thugz Entertainment

Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs clarifies his departure from Young Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment label last year. Ultimately, Gibbs and Jeezy did not have ‘the same vision’:

I can’t really say it was amicable. I could just say that we agreed to disagree. We definitely disagreed. The guy moves in a different way that I move, and I just wanted to branch out and do my own thing. I felt like I was wasting time pushing someone else’s brand when I could push my own and do my own thing. Because that’s was what he was concerned with, pushing Jeezy. So I gotta be concerned with pushing Gibbs.” – Freddie Gibs ( “The Morning Riot” Radio)

Check out the full interview below.


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