Video: Raekwon Discusses Conflict Within Wu-Tang Clan and His New “Lost Jewlry” EP

Raekwon addresses Wu-Tang Clan’s beef that has been ongoing between some of the group members, but goes into depth on how RZA took a leadership role and helped operate the collective by forcing different members to get along. He also elaborates on U-God’s 2008 lawsuit against Wu-Tang Music Group and RZA for $170,000, and talks about his “Lost Jewlry” EP which features Faith Evans, Maino, Freddie Gibbs and Altrina Renee.

“I looked at it like it was real. It was business, man. Don’t take friendship and humbleness out of pocket because we’re doing business. So at the end of the day, yeah, RZA was on the chopping board. A lot of n****s was like ‘F*** that, I’ma deal with it this way.’ Other n****s could have felt like this or whatever. But more importantly, n****s got ot the bottom of what it is they needed to get to. I didn’t challenge that situation then because I’m looking at a friend and I’m looking at business. It’s f***ed up because at the end of the day, this is the man who helped me get out of the streets.” – Raekwon


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