Rich Kidd EPK

Rich Kidd EPK (Official) from Mark Valino on Vimeo.

Take a peek inside Rich Kidd’s musical mind with this living document of his rise to notoriety. Rich Kidd’s story is told by Manifesto’s original documentation director, Mark Valino who depicts Rich as young man intrinsically devoted to musical creation.

Featuring footage from various concerts including Rich Kidd co-headlining Manifesto 2010’s Main Event “Live At The Square,” the stirring performance shots are mended with insightful commentary from Rich Kidd himself. Audiences are granted a look at an artist whose public persona and private ideas are truly synchronized.

Valino then captures an exclusive glimpse into Rich Kidd’s creative process as a producer, songwriter and MC to illustrate what DJ Starting From Scratch calls “a crazy music mind.” This EPK also sources the likes of Grammy Winning Producer, Boi-1da and Grammy Nominated Producer/Engineer Noah “40” Shebib along with world renowned DJ Wristpect to paint a revealing portrait of hip hop’s next multiple threat.

“It’s kind of like riding in one of those solar cars for me, you’re just going off of the light. Wherever the light is, that’s where it’s leading you.” – Rich Kidd


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